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Pokémon Classic Collection - Japanese

Pokémon Classic Collection - Japanese

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The Pokémon Classic Collection will take you right down memory lane with it's 3 feature Pokémon: base set Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise!  This is a must-have for any collector.  Along with the 3 sought-after cards, the set also includes the following:

・ x3 Playing Decks (60 cards each)

・ x1 Integrated Case/Play Mat

・ x3 Flip Deck Cases

・ x3 Deck Shields (64 pieces)

・ x1 Tool Box

・ x64 Useless Counters…64 (x36-10 useless counters, x18-50 useless counters, x10-100 useless counters)

・x2 Poison/Burn Markers

・ x2 Silver Ball

*Except for basic energy cards, cards cannot be used in official tournaments.

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